Verify users globally with the most efficient and
affordable technology available.

Reduce Fraud

Identity related fraud accounts for 50% of all fraud. Veridu reduces fraud and increases your bottom line with dynamic multi-factor verification and authentication

Build Trust

Veridu easily integrates with online marketplaces - classifieds, task services etc - to provide “ID Verified” and “Trustworthy” profile badges for members

Increase Conversions

Rapid onboarding and verification processes that truly identify the fraudulent customers but don't inconvenience the legitimate ones

Expand Your Market

Catch the hard-to-identify users with little or no data to enable entry into new segments and geographies

"Veridu is enabling us to create more trust within our community, including verified sellers - this is a tangible competitive advantage for us"

− Tejinder Raj Singh, CEO,

"We have integrated Veridu into our platform to reduce the likelihood of fraud or scams. It has been adopted and utilised successfully by the majority of our user base to create a degree of confidence that could not be achieved without it."

− James Harwood, CEO,

"Veridu Rocks! Especially for those of our customers who sell high value goods online. We simply have not found any good alternatives. On top of that the Veridu team has been beyond helpful and responsive to our needs."

− Rune Bonzu, CEO,

"Most of our users voluntarily verify themselves with Veridu, dramatically increasing the safety and reliability of our service."

− Martin Hegelund, Partner, Agera

"Veridu has enabled our vision of being the world's most trusted rating and review site."

− Morten Dines Johansen, CEO,

"Trust is one of the main barriers to overcome for collaborative consumption to truly become global."

− Marcos Steverlynck, Rise Art

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