Verify User Experience

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This section is a quick recap of what the end-to-end experience would be for the user within the Verify Process.

Note: that we’re using typical examples and that Veridu doesn’t power all screens in the below.

Screen Description
caption When your users are conducting transactions, who’s to tell if it’s them behind the screen or not, with our verify capability you can to confirm a user is indeed credible.

This section shows a simple purchasing example, starting with the ‘buy-item’ screen.

caption The user has clicked ‘buy’ and is requested to provide their card details.

This process of capturing payment details would sit within your own environment

caption At this point in the transaction you want to be sure the user is genuine and you provide them with a Veridu challenge to confirm this.
Social Multi-factor
Using one or more social media logins in a process similar to our SSO+ capability we can confirm the user has a credible online footprint Our multi-factor verification mechanisms (e-mail / SMS) allow you to confirm the user has access to the required devices (and that these correlate with the social data)
caption The user has now confirmed they are genuine and you can safely place the transaction
caption A verified transaction has been completed!

Using Veridu you’ve been able to:

  • Increase your transactions by reducing the number of false positives
  • Protect your users from identity theft