General FAQ

From Veridu

What is Veridu?

Veridu is a service that enables you to identify yourself based on your online footprint. We aim to make it faster, easier and to make it consent driven. We want to replace the current methods where users are constantly being checked with credit rating agencies and the likes without their knowledge.

What can Veridu do for me as a site owner?

We can help you identify the ~40% of your users that are otherwise very difficult and very expensive to identify. This can be used to create trust in your marketplace, challenge customers that look like high risk, vet job-candidates and lots of other things.
Veridu is not an age or AML compliant solution on its own.

In order to be compliant, my site needs to verify the users address - can Veridu help with that?

Yes, our core approach of looking statistically at online data is extremely reliable. However, legislators are only just realizing that and Veridu can only be used for 'light' checks - for example low value transactions (typically sub 1000 EUR).
We are working hard with our customers to change this to make it faster, easier and cheaper to be allowed to do things like online gambling or currency exchange.

How about age?

See above

What can Veridu do for me as a user?

We make it easy for you to identify yourself using social media and online services so you don't have to bother with passports, ID-cards or have people snoopping in your credit file.
The best part is that you are in control of your Veridu profile and can expose it only to parties you trust.

How is Veridu different from other identity solutions?

Veridu is consent driven at its core - meaning that users specifically allow Veridu to identify them on behalf of the site or service they are visiting. This is different from the current situation in the way that sites normally take the profile data you have given them in the sign-up form and run a check against the electoral roll, a Credit Rating Agency

What information does my profile contain?

It contains information about your name, gender, age, location, email and phone-number.
Here is an example.

Does Veridu post to my social media profiles?

No. Not unless you specifically ask us to.
We are planning to expand our user-profiles so that it can be used as an ID-card. You might want to share that.

Is my Veridu profile secure?

Yes, we encrypt all of our data and manage rigorous Security Procedures.

How does Veridu make money?

We charge the site that wishes to identify you a fee for the profile analysis that we do to verify your identity.

Does Veridu sell my information to others without my knowledge and consent?

No. Never. When you verify yourself with Veridu we create a profile that the site you verified with has access to. No-one else has access to this profile. If you visit another site that uses Veridu to identify you, we will ask you if that site can have access to your profile

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.