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Based on this article Veridu has created a 5 phased project management Process.

  • Inbox items are promoted based on business impact.
  • Items are only promoted from one phase to the next during sprint planning meetings.

Input Layer

This is the source of ideas to feed into the next steps of the PM Process.


The inbox step is divided into two buckets:

  1. Internal: Team's ideas and suggestions for future projects.
  2. External: Customer's/Licencee's ideas, requests and bug reports.


Planned projects and features that drive the business.

Planning Layer

Promoted items from the Input Layer will be categorized into 3 different pipelines:

  1. Platform: Development, maintenance and refactoring activities needed to sustain and build out the platform.
  2. Planning
    1. Story Inbox: Incoming ideas, suggestions, requests, etc
    2. Next Up: Selected items from Story Inbox to be planned during current sprint.
    3. Spec: Project's specification (user stories, requirements, dependencies, etc).
    4. Design: Specified projects that needs multimidia assets or wireframes.
    5. Ready: Projects that are ready to be put into the development pipeline.
  3. Bugs
    1. Inbox: Incoming bugs.
    2. Under Review: Bugs that are being reproduced and receiving additional information needed to be fixed.
    3. Accepted: Bugs that are ready to be put into the development pipeline.

Development Layer

  1. Next Up: Promoted items from the Planning Layer ready to be picked up by developers.
  2. In Progress: Projects being worked on by developers.
  3. Documenting: Feature ready projects that needs documentation.
  4. Testing: Unit, Integration and usability testing by Project Owner.
  5. Ready: Projects ready for Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance

  1. Next Up: Promoted items from the Development Layer ready to be evaluated.
  2. Under Review: Projects being tested by Product Owner and QA staff. Rejected projects will be fed back into the Development Layer.
  3. Ready: Projects ready to be released.


Promoted items from QA Layer that are released to public.

Every deploy is marked with a release time stamp and commit tag.