Service Level Agreement

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This Service Level agreement covers all Veridu's paying Customers/Licensees. An extended Service Level Agreement is available on request.

Purpose of the Service Level Agreement

This SLA constitutes an agreement between Veridu and Customer/Licensee and includes a description of the services which principal Customer/Licensee may expect from its supplier Veridu.


1st line

The 1st line support for clients is handled by Customer/Licensee itself. Customer/Licensee provides support in the area of:

  • answering functional questions from end users
  • reporting and dealing with end-user incidents
  • implementing functional settings in the software.

2nd line

The 2nd line support is handled by FAM Veridu in order to: solve incidents functionally;

  • answer questions the 1st line support was unable to answer.
  • because database and/or code modifications are required.
  • In principle, this service is provided at the Veridu location.
  • Monitor the support time spans and to escalate to the project management in a timely manner.

3rd line

The requirements Veridu imposes on Customer/Licensee for proper implementation of this part of the service are:

  • a clear and complete presentation of the request
  • substantiation by means of screen shots, use cases and as much information as possible
  • best possible description of the scenario resulting in the incident in order to reproduce the incident.

Escalation Procedures & severity levels

Service response times and definitions are as follows;

Severity Definition


Response Time


Stage 1 - Bug

A non critical component of the service is not performing as expected. The issue has no or limited impact on the business.

Will be dependent on the nature of the problem and the availability of development resources


Stage 2 – Intermittent Failure

Some aspects of the service are slow or intermittent in producing an expected response. The issue has a moderate or intermittent impact on the business.

24 hours to define and/or rectify the problem.


Stage 3 – Service Outage

There is no response coming from the service, Critical outage where the business impact is severe.

Immediate response – All reasonable efforts will be made to restore the service.

Phone: +45 26 22 86 41

All responses are subject to provision of notice from the Customer/Licensee to Veridu as to the Issue including a clear description of the problem and where a Veridu representative has provided acknowledgment of the issue to the Customer/Licensee.

System Performance & Uptime

The service should have availability of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Veridu Service Veridu API Response time Availability in percentage on a monthly basis
Social Media and online services verifications Less than 5 seconds 99.8%
Knowledge Based Authentication Less than 5 seconds 99%
One-Time-Passwords Less than 5 seconds 99%
  • All performance indicators are subject to and dependent on adherence to the API documentation.
  • Performance indicators are exclusively related to Veridu’s performance and Veridu does not assume responsibility for the performance of its external providers.
  • Response times exclude any internet latency.
  • Service availability is exclusive of maintenance windows.
  • SLA is subject to 3rd party service levels.

Maintenance Window

A maintenance window will be used for corrective maintenance. This window will run from Wednesday evening 10:00 PM (GMT+1) to Thursday morning 5:00 AM (GMT+1). The service may not be available at all or in part during the time of the maintenance window.

The maintenance window will only be utilised if Veridu considers this necessary to maintain the performance of the platform. Customer/Licensee will be informed of this no later than the Monday afternoon at 12:00 PM (GMT+1) immediately prior to the scheduled maintenance.

Test Environment

Veridu ensures that it has a separate test environment available during office hours, so that tests performed by Veridu or Customer/Licensee cannot have any effect whatsoever on the production service provision. This test environment covers the entire chain of service provision (from receiving a message at Veridu up to and including transmitting messages to Customer/Licensee).

Release Cycles

As shown in the Release Cycle Article, Veridu works with Continuous Releases for minor compatible changes and scheduled releases for incompatible changes. We work with an agile approach to project management in which projects go through a five phased cycle as outlined here.


Current and legacy versions of the API, Assets, Widgets and Demos can be found in the Version article.