User FAQ

From Veridu

Who is Veridu?

We provide identity solutions to online businesses. Customers use Veridu's platform to verify and authenticate a user’s identity - essentially to make sure they are who they say they are. By doing this they can protect their business (and you) from fraud, build trust in their online communities, or meet regulatory Know Your Customer requirements.

How is my identity verified?

Most of our customers have integrated our solutions directly into their website or app so that you don’t have to leave their environment to verify your identity. We offer four mechanisms to verify identity, and our customers can use any combination of these.

  • Online verification - You’ll be asked to login to a number of your social or online accounts - like Facebook, PayPal or Amazon. We analyse information from these accounts (name, location, date of birth etc.) to identify you. You always have to give your permission before we can do this.
  • Two-factor authentication - You’ll be prompted by the website or app you’re interacting with to enter a unique code. We generate this code and send it to you by SMS or email.
  • Personally Identifiable Information - You’ll be asked to complete a form with your basic identification information. We then run a check using a credit reference agency.
  • Document upload - You’ll be asked to upload copies of your identity documents so that these can be checked by the business you’re engaging with.

We analyse the information that you have provided us with to assess the credibility (i.e. that it’s not stolen information that a fraudster is trying to use), and then compile the data into a Veridu profile that is shared with the business you’re engaging with.

When I login to my social media accounts what information am I providing you with?

That depends on what accounts you use, but before you login you’ll be presented with a list of the data you’re being asked to share.

The algorithms we’ve developed to verify identity using this online information, require access to certain amount of data in order to cross reference and corroborate facts.

The more data we can analyse and cross reference, the more confidently we can verify your identity, confirm it’s not someone pretending to be you and check you’re not a robot. To do this we request access to information from your profile, timeline or feed, tags (e.g. photos you’ve been tagged in), messages and check-ins.

With some providers you can limit the information you provide, but doing so will make your identity look weaker and may result in limited or no access to the service you’re trying to access.

Can I revoke access to my information?

Yes, you can do this at any time by going into the accounts you used to verify yourself (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon) and revoking access to Veridu or the website/app that triggered the verification process. This will mean Veridu and the website/app no longer have access to your account for verification purposes, but will still retain your profile for audit trail purposes.

Do you store my information and is it secure?

Only the information we have used to verify your identity is stored within your Veridu profile. The business you are engaged with will have access to their own dashboard where they can view and manage the Veridu profiles of all their users.

We keep a log of your interactions with the platform for audit trail purposes.

Your data is safe with us as we follow stringent security processes at all times, which you can learn more about here.

Why am I being asked to log into my social media and online accounts?

Social media is a great way to identify and authenticate your identity when dealing with online businesses. It means you don’t have to go through the hassle of filling out long forms or scanning and emailing copies of ID documents or bills to that business.

We’ve developed algorithms that allow us to analyse the information contained within your social and online accounts to prove your identity with a great degree of confidence. Our customers choose to provide you with this option to give you a better experience on their site while protecting themselves, and you, from fraud, account takeover and other nasty stuff like this.

Will you post anything to my social media accounts?

No, never! Certain social media platforms can only grant us ‘read/write’ access, however, we will never post on your behalf and none of your activity with Veridu will appear on your accounts. Read more in our privacy policy here

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Both Veridu and our customers adhere to the following Terms & Conditions.