Veridu ID Gateway

From Veridu


Veridu's ID Gateway is a solution similar to payment processor gateway.

When using the ID Gateway to verify a user's identity, the user will be redirected from your site to the gateway, verify himself and then be redirected back to your site. Note that the user can cancel the process during the verification and the options are not mandatory.

The ID Gateway gives the flexibility you need to create a verification process, allowing different Thresholds and Methods combinations to be used easily.

Besides Social Networks SMS and E-mail are also available through the gateway.


Below it's a sample ID Gateway setup, the messages and instructions can be customized.


Once the user starts his verification, the gateway will give a feedback, so he'll know if more information is needed.


If the user reaches the threshold he only needs to click on the button "Finish verification and go back to Website", and he'll be redirected back to your site.


If the user wasn't able to reach the verification threshold after using all the options, an error message will be shown, and to be redirected to your site he needs to click on the button "Cancel verification and go back to Website".


Return Response

The ID Gateway is not only flexible on its setup, but also on its return response.

Return examples:

  1. A pass/fail response based on the set thresholds
  2. Score values
  3. E-mail address (and other attribute values)