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Welcome to Veridu! Start bringing trust to your service today using our Global Identity service.

Why verify users?

If you’re reading this you probably already have a good idea of what your goals are when integrating with Veridu, but it’s always a good idea to reconsider your objectives before starting the technical integration. There are many different scenarios in which you will want to verify your users, our verification is there to help bring trust to the internet. A few examples of what can be achieved through verification below:

  • Tailor your content
  • Make users feel safer
  • Get verified insight
  • Increase your transactions
  • Protect your users from identity theft

For more ideas go to Veridu. Know why you want to verify already, with Veridu you can start verifying your users today!

User Experience

Trust is important to us and as such our service is consent based, meaning that the user must agree to share their information with us. The engagement with the user to request verification can happen either as:

Single Sign On+ Verify
Provide users easy sign-on whilst giving yourself the peace of mind of a Basic ID check being completed Challenge users to confirm their identity prior to conducting a transaction
Single Sign On+ Verify
Learn more about the SSO+ experience Learn more about the Verify experience

This process can be initiated directly from whithin your site, or if this isn't possible it can be as simple as sending the user a link where they can verify themselves.


Everyone is different, as such you can enable Veridu in a few different ways.

Widgets Hosted Gateway API
Widgets you can embed on your site to enable Veridu functionality Hosted gateway which you can redirect users to or embed as an iFrame RESTful API to enable integration with full control over user experience
Single Sign On+ Single Sign On+ Single Sign On+
  • Quickly integrate on your website
  • E-mail users the link where they can verify or
  • Embed the gateway as an iFrame directly into your site
  • Control over the look and feel on your site
Setup your widgets from your dashboard Learn more about our hosted gateways Learn more about our SDKs & API endpoints or find a quick SSO_Integration_Guide here

Seeing verification results

You can see the results of the users verification directly from your dashboard account or alternatively by integrating to the profile end-point

If you're interested in how our scoring system works you can read more about this here: Learn more about scoring

We're here to help

Still need some help? We'll be happy to help out.

Support Code Samples
Want to ask a question? Contact our support team any time you want. Need some examples? We have lots of code examples available for reference.
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